Dentistry of Tatyana Konova - 3 main tips for maintaining oral health

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Dentistry of Tatyana Konova - 3 main tips for maintaining oral health

A healthy and beautiful smile is the dream of many people, since it is a person's business card, disposes and makes a positive impression on the person. But, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to have this by nature, since proper care, the absence of bad habits and regular visits to the dentist affect health.

These are really the three main criteria on which the health of the oral cavity depends. And, of course, many people neglect this, because they are not in a hurry to see the dentist, even if they have a toothache, they do not adhere to good habits that help their teeth stay healthy, and even more so, not everyone knows how to do it right. take care of the oral cavity.

All this leads to the fact that very often people with deep caries or other diseases, which subsequently lead to the loss of teeth, come to dentists. But, if you take proper care of your oral cavity, you can avoid various problems.

Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Oral Health
The toothbrush is the main tool in dental care. This must be selected with great care, giving preference to small models that can get into even the farthest and smallest corner of the mouth. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the hardness, choosing medium, since it does not harm the enamel, while gently and effectively removing plaque.

Also, do not neglect products such as rinse aid, as rinsing also plays a huge role. Doctors recommend rinsing your mouth before eating, but brushing your teeth after eating. However, you can also use a mouthwash after meals. It will remove residues, prolong breath freshness and kill various bacteria. And in this case, it is better to use not water, but a rinse aid, since it also contains various medicinal herbs and other components.

And, of course, you should visit your dentist regularly. Many people neglect this advice because of the reluctance or high cost of the procedure, but this is exactly what should not be saved on, since only a specialist can assess the health of your oral cavity and prevent the development of any serious diseases.

And in the case of a dentist, you should also take special care when choosing him, because an insufficiently experienced specialist can also harm, leaving you without a tooth that could be preserved.

Therefore, if you want all the help to be at the proper level, you should contact Tatiana Konova Stomatology. This is dentistry in Kiev, which definitely deserves attention, as it is one of the best and has a team of highly qualified specialists.