The importance of geotechnical surveys

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The importance of geotechnical surveys

According to the rules and laws of the modern world, in order to build a house or plant a vegetable garden, a person must obtain permission from special services that are engaged in various kinds of checks on buildings, soil, water and other things.

Before designing the land plot is examined by professionals who assess the state of the terrain's suitability for its further development. Such a procedure involves environmental surveys, as well as geodetic and geological inspections of certain spaces.

A detailed study of the built-up area is very important, a preliminary check of which affects the quality and durability of the final planning result. Experts in this field carry out environmental, geodetic and engineering hydrogeological surveys - the necessary basic actions in the calculation of further construction plans.

The purpose of environmental engineering studies is a detailed check of groundwater, soil, silt deposits and more. The proposed works are used in order to predict the current state of the environment at the construction site and to reduce various undesirable consequences during the construction process.

Laboratory testing of the soil for the presence of heavy metals and potential radiation anomalies, analysis of water and checking the air purity are criteria of the first importance, which are standard yardsticks for the construction of structures. The mechanical composition of the soil is also very important, its study at the level of tectonic and seismological characteristics, the prediction of the influence of changes in the relief on the construction site.

Construction without any means of communication is a useless object and, therefore, geodetic works are decisive in construction, which create a general model of the building site. I mean, a full package of documents on the technical and natural features of the building, which in every possible way can influence the process and the result of its construction. Specialized workers in the field of various surveys will help determine the quality and suitability of the area to be developed.