Bicycles for tourism

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Bicycles for tourism

A bike tour is a great way to take a break from the bustle of the city, have fun with friends, and improve your health spiritually and physically.

But the implementation of this idea can cause several problems, the main one of which is the purchase of a suitable bicycle for tourism. If before that you rode only on amateur transport, you will have to find out the features of different types of professional models in order to choose the best tourist option, since the prices for bicycles will vary significantly.


On-road models are specially designed to maximize the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle. The handlebars also feature a special aerodynamic design that allows you to lean forward while riding to minimize wind resistance against your body. A road bike is more suitable for individual riding, where the rider rides on the track alone, rather than in a general mass.

Road triathlon

This model has most of the benefits of regular bikes:

light frames,
relatively narrow tires for efficient movement on asphalt,
vertical steering wheel.

They are designed for people who want to ride light and high-performance vehicles, but do not like the low handlebars typical of road models.


Mountain models are ideal for riding on forest trails and other off-road conditions. They have flat or vertical handlebars and a very low pedal gear range. Most mountain bikes are equipped with a special type of shock absorber. This type of tourist transport can have front, rear or full (front and rear) suspension, as well as no suspension. You can find children's mountain bikes on the battery. True mountain bikes for traditional tourism, though, are completely mechanical.


Hybrid models were originally conceived to combine the advantages of road and mountain options. They have large, padded seats and vertical handlebars that provide a comfortable position for daily commuting or cycling. Hybrids are great on paved roads, but not as easily or efficiently as road models. But on such transport, you can easily navigate forest trails.