Types and purpose of fire water tanks

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Types and purpose of fire water tanks

Of course, in order to protect yourself from a fire, everything must be thought out, because the safety of people depends on it. Proper fire protection means keeping fire hazards to a minimum. Each item must have specific equipment. Without certain reserves of water, the Ministry of Emergency Situations cannot function and carry out its activities. Moreover, the liquid intended for extinguishing fires must be supplied with a certain strength and power. Such water tanks can be stationary or mobile.

Stationary water tanks
Stationary ones are located at the location of the service, they must meet all standards and hold the required volume of water consumed per month on average at the location of the rescue service. The total number of tanks of the same purpose in the central tank room should not be less than two, because in case of refusal of one - the other should enter into work without interruption.

Mobile water tanks
Mobile tanks are used directly in places of fire. Of course, they have a smaller volume, but they, like a fire extinguishing station, must always be equipped with special equipment and ready to extinguish a fire. Transportation of such tanks is carried out by road or air transport.

Tanks can be of various types:

ground, etc.

They are used in various conditions, for example, installing an underground storage facility can save space.

Thus, water storage tanks are the original equipment used by specialized services. Fire storages should be equipped with equipment for filling them with water, meters and many other equipment, the list of which is established by law, containers should be made of steel or composite material. In the manufacture of such reservoirs, steel and a number of other materials are usually used, but as practice shows, steel products are preferred, because in practice they turn out to be more functional, durable and stable.