Types of outdoor advertising

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Types of outdoor advertising

It is impossible to imagine a modern city without outdoor advertising. Along the roads - billboards and banners, on cafes and bars - neon signs, on the roofs - voluminous inscriptions, and even on public and corporate transport - advertising.

No matter how we get used to it, outdoor advertising does not lose its effectiveness, and every year advertising agencies offer an increasing number of various advertising media. Different types of outdoor advertising are used for a wide variety of purposes.

In order not to get lost in all this diversity, all outdoor advertising media can be divided into 3 groups, which will differ in the functions of advertising and advertising media.

First group - pointers
Signs are placed near advertised enterprises, firms, establishments, etc. Their purpose is to help the consumer find the object referred to in the signpost. Signs and billboards can be used as the index itself.

The next group is image constructions
These usually include volumetric letters on roofs (roof installations), neon signs, as well as other advertising structures that are made individually, in an original and creative style. Image advertising is usually needed by already established and established companies.

And finally, the last, but no less important group - media carriers. They are needed to place traditional advertising, the functions of which are product promotion, sales promotion and product awareness raising.

To achieve the highest efficiency, Surgut outdoor advertising must have some characteristics:

Brightness. It is necessary that the advertisement is literally conspicuous, because among all other advertisements a passer-by or a driver should notice yours. Therefore, one of the main functions of outdoor advertising is to attract attention.
Memorability. It is important that the consumer does not just notice your ad, it is important that he remembers it. Your advertising is ineffective if, when choosing a particular product, the consumer does not remember about your product.

Common outdoor advertising media
Neon advertising is now at its peak in popularity. It allows you to create many different designs and is characterized by a rich color range. Its advantages also include durability, use of light pulsation, economy and brightness. Neon blends easily with many other advertising media.

Light boxes (light boxes) are also common on the streets of large cities. Light boxes can be of various sizes and complexity of construction. Thanks to the built-in elements that give such structures a glow, this advertisement looks especially attractive and bright at night and late in the evening.
Rooftop installations are the most striking example of image advertising. Not every company can afford this expensive pleasure. Most often, rooftop installations are made up of huge glowing letters, which, as the name implies, are located on the rooftops. Such advertising is unambiguously striking, besides it is very clearly visible from a great distance.

Signboards and plaques are the most ancient and, nevertheless, the type of outdoor advertising that has not lost its popularity. Plates can be signs, perform both informational and advertising functions. This can be a sign on an office door or a sign at the entrance to a bar. A wide variety of materials can be used for their manufacture. The effectiveness of this type of advertising depends on the creativity and ingenuity of their manufacturer and designer.

Volumetric letters are not an independent carrier, but rather an element of many advertising structures. They can be used in signboards, roof installations, and in interior outdoor advertising. This, as well as the variety of materials used (metal, glass, acrylic, plastic, etc.) makes three-dimensional letters an effective element of outdoor advertising.

Pavement signs are small portable boards that are also two-sided and can be folded. Making pavement signs is one of the most economical types of outdoor advertising. Among their advantages are mobility and compactness. Most often, pavement signs can be found at public transport stops.