Dedicated virtual server - what is it?

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Dedicated virtual server - what is it?

Virtual systems were created primarily for people who are developing. In general, for those who needed to simultaneously work on several operating systems at once.

A feature of a virtual system is a fully functional OS that runs "inside" the mother system. The guest system is fully functional, you can freely install various software on it, test your developments for compatibility.

But it also turned out that the virtualization system is very convenient for server virtualization, which pursued the goal of maximizing the use of hardware resources. If you think about it, a hosting system is quite different from a VPS. The main difference is that on a virtual hosting server, a user can only manage his information, without access to hardware resources. While, for example, by purchasing a used server available via the Internet, the user has the ability to fully control the physical server. There are, unfortunately, a few disadvantages to this virtualization approach.

First, it is a fairly high vulnerability to hacker attacks. An attacker could gain a connection to the physical server and disrupt operations. Also, such servers are susceptible to freezes during peak loads. That is why all large online stores or other highly visited resources do not use VPS. On the other hand, such a system can be extremely useful for small projects that do not require large system resources or constant access.