Choosing accessories for the bathroom and toilet

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Choosing accessories for the bathroom and toilet

The bathroom is probably every woman's favorite place in the apartment. Here, each of the fair sex spends a lot of time caring for herself. That is why the bath itself and the accessories surrounding it should be as comfortable and stylish as possible.

So, in order to accommodate the entire arsenal of creams, shampoos, toothpastes, etc. a shelf is needed, or better several. So in one bathroom there may be a glass shelf under or near the mirror, as well as a shelf in the corner. On the corner shelf, you can place a lot of little things from soap and washcloths. In addition, a closet can be placed in the bathroom, which will contain towels, pajamas and terry dressing gowns.

Also, you can't do without a mirror. Today, the choice of bathroom mirrors is simply immense, so without the slightest effort, you can choose a mirror of a suitable shape, size and decor. Soap dishes, hooks and towel holders are also indispensable. According to experienced housewives, it is better to choose metal accessories for the bathroom and toilet. Firstly, they are more practical and more durable, and secondly, they look much more interesting.

Also, don't forget the floor mat. When choosing him, you should build on your own preferences and the ability to look after him. So, a soft light rug with a long pile looks very impressive, but it cannot be called durable. A rug with a short, smooth pile, on the other hand, is easier to clean and can last for a very long time.

As for the color, here you need to pay attention to the overall design of the bathroom. In bright bathrooms with walls in pastel colors, bright rugs will look more impressive, but if the walls are dark or bright, the rug should be calm light colors.

Thus, well-chosen bathroom accessories will create a good mood and give the interior a complete look. Do not limit yourself to the little things, because they make our life brighter!