Boxing for children: equipment from the Sportvictory online store

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Boxing for children: equipment from the Sportvictory online store

Your son has grown up. It's time to give it to some additional lesson. In schools, development centers, sports complexes, palaces of creativity, various circles and sections for children are held. Additional activities will help the child develop his abilities, learn something new and interesting for him, learn something, become more organized.

The child can be sent to an art school, a sports section, circles with various directions. Children are recruited to sports clubs from different ages, depending on the sport. Taekwondo, children's aerobics are recruited from 4 years old, judo, sambo, sports dancing, tennis, chess from 6 years old, basketball from 7-8 years old, volleyball from 9 years old, boxing from 11 years old.

What you need to practice boxing
For boxing, your child will need boxing supplies. Then you will need to buy a rope and after a month or more the primary equipment for the beginner: boxing bandages and shell gloves. This outfit is needed for training with shells.

If your child enjoys this sport, support him. Buy the required equipment upon request of the trainer. Without it, the child will not be able to study further, develop his abilities. The coach will not take responsibility for your child's health and will not allow him to continue training.

After prolonged training with shells, they switch to sparring, that is, wrestling with a partner. To go to this level, you will need additional equipment:

boxing mouthguard,
boxing gloves,
bandage - a shell to protect the groin.

If your son achieves some success and wants to try his hand at competitions, you will need to buy: boxing uniforms and boxers, special shoes for the ring.

How to choose a boxing school
In order for your child's classes to be effective and the coaches not to discourage the desire to attend the boxing section, you first need to visit the section in which you want to send your son. You need to look at the situation, the gym, talk to the coach, ask people whose children attend or have attended these classes.

The coach must love his job. Answer all your questions openly. Have physical education and be at least a Candidate for Master of Sports. It is also important how he treats children. After all, there is a difference in training adults and children.

Ask how the classes are structured, what is the plan for a year or half a year. The load should build up gradually. The first classes should be in physical. preparation and study of strikes. And gradually move first to shells, then to sparring.

It is better to have modern simulators and training equipment in the gym.

Both parents and the child must understand why he goes to boxing classes, what goal you are pursuing together. If the child does not have a goal, he will not understand it, training will be meaningless. The child will walk without desire, the training results are weak. If the child walks with desire and trains diligently, he will become strong, agile, consistent.