Cheap hotel room: saving without sacrificing yourself

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Cheap hotel room: saving without sacrificing yourself

Large cities - such as Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Kharkov and others - receive thousands of guests every day. Someone comes to see the city: to walk along the old streets, visit museums and art exhibitions, try national cuisine and just have a good time. However, the purpose of most visits is work. In large cities, there are offices of the world's largest enterprises, banks, entertainment and service companies. If you are also developing your own business and want to enter the international market, business trips will become an integral part of your life. In the early stages of business, the search for ads marked "cheap number" is also inevitable ...

Cheap room: looking for a hotel
We live in an information society. And this means that any information you are interested in can be found in a few seconds: you just have to type a query in a search engine, and you will receive a complete list of materials, relevant and not so. On the one hand, this is a plus. On the other hand, there is a huge drawback, since along with the verified data comes a stream of outright nonsense and even information that is dangerous for the user. Unclean owners of hotels, hostels and other "inns" advertise that they offer cheap rooms with all amenities in the very center of the city. Upon arrival, a gullible client discovers a "blat-khata" in a criminal area and at a fabulous price. In order not to waste time and protect yourself from such troubles, you should book a room in economy class hotels; the cost, as a rule, does not exceed $ 15 per day.

What should be a cheap number?
The quality of service is directly proportional to the cost of the service. Of course, you cannot argue with this statement. However, there is a list of requirements that a cheap number must meet. So, a room in the price range of $ 15-20 should have:

access to wireless Internet,
TV set,
a minimal bar with soft drinks and a separate bathroom,
daily room service includes wet cleaning,
change of bed linen and towels, airing.

As a rule, the hotel has been carefully renovated and there is nothing superfluous.

If you book a cheap room a few weeks before your trip, you may be given a 10-15% discount.

Many hotels also offer rooms for hours: for example, you need to pass the time before departure, but you don't want to sit in the waiting room.